We are continually being told by Republican politicians that we can have both a clean environment and a robust business climate unfettered by pesky regulations.

A Gov. Scott Walker spokesperson once said, "It’s possible to protect our clean air, clean land, and clean water while enacting policies that improve our business climate and spur economic growth." Meanwhile, the governor, the state Department of Natural Resources and the Legislature went about killing environmental regulation. They called these rules “job-killing.”

We need to ask ourselves and our leaders if this is really true. Is this kind of balance even possible? Won’t we have to draw the line somewhere? Won’t we have to someday tell a business, even in Wisconsin’s important agricultural sector, that we will not allow our drinking water to be endangered in any way? We must demand that that no amount of poison in even the most minute concentrations is acceptable.

That time is already here. We must support Gov. Tony Evers' plans to finance clean drinking water projects, including the detection of toxic PFAS. No delays, no pushback -- we are drawing a line here and now.

Dan Johnson, Madison


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