I am concerned about losing my political voice and my vote.

When I first moved to Wisconsin 20 years ago, I was impressed by how easily I was able to register and vote. I was impressed that I, as a new Wisconsin citizen, was given this respect and welcome.

Now it is harder for Wisconsin citizens to get registered. They can lose their registration when voting rolls are purged. Their vote is diluted as districts are gerrymandered by political parties in control. And worst of all, citizens are dispirited by negative and fear-mongering campaigns to the point that exercising their vote is felt to be distasteful.

So many ways to disenfranchise ourselves and our neighbors.

Tim Burns is a candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court who believes in one voice and one vote for every Wisconsin neighbor.

Voter ID laws that make it difficult to register are not fair. Gerrymandered voting districts are not fair. Disrespectful purging of voter rolls is not fair.

These kinds of unfair practices endanger our democratic governance.

We need to elect justices to our Supreme Court such as Burns who understand what being fair means for us all.

Mark Neumann, La Crosse

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