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Biden endangers First Amendment -- Josephine Kischer

Biden endangers First Amendment -- Josephine Kischer

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President Joe Biden's press secretary admitted recently that the government is monitoring our conversations on social media and colluding with Facebook to suppress our free speech. If this were not enough, Facebook is encouraging us to report our friends who are "extremists" or who are of the opinion that getting a vaccine is their choice and not a decision the government should make for them.

This awakens terrifying memories from my childhood growing up in Nazi Germany.

The government encouraged "Denunzianten" -- people reporting their neighbors to the authorities for what they said or did that was not approved by the "Fuehrer." My own father barely escaped a concentration camp because our neighborhood Denunziant reported that my father took us children to church on Sundays instead of to the Hitler rallies.

We must wake up. We are in danger of losing our First Amendment rights, and we are scarily close to living in a country were you have to constantly be looking over your shoulder, in fear that someone or the government doesn't like what you say or do.

Josephine Kischer, Platteville

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