“No, I feel we pay enough as it is. I think they need to get better at figuring out the budget, cutting things that are excessive in order to make it easier on people to pay taxes.”

Bobbie Lester

foot care assistant


“No, I don’t want to pay more taxes or fees, but it will probably happen anyway. We already pay enough in fees and taxes. Our city is growing, more people means more roads. It is what it is; what are you going to do about? I not happy about paying more but we’re going to pay regardless.”

Tiffany Malone

real estate agent


“I don’t think so. I think I pay enough to the government. Instead, they should find another resource for money than us. It may mean delaying some road projects, but this just isn’t a good time to raise fees. There’s never a good time.”

Heidi Courtney

business owner


“People commute to work and we haven’t found a way to get into Madison from surrounding communities other than the car. Let’s face it: The majority of the new, good jobs are in and around Madison — and an investment in roads and transportation will allow people to live where they want.”

Peter Finch

retired physician

town of Middleton

“No. I’m dealing with increased health care issues at the moment and I can only split my dollars so many ways. To add the increased fee on to already-increased health care expenses is just going to bite. If that means going over more potholes or sitting in traffic jams longer, it’s just going to have to be. You can’t have everything.”

Carrie Callahan

retired interior designer


“Yeah, if it means the traffic flows a little better and the roads stay in better condition I think it will be worth it. If it takes more money to keep the roads in shape, then we need to find more money. I think $28 a year is something I can afford.”

Ray Dahlke

loan specialist


Compiled by freelancer KEVIN MURPHY from respondents at Capitol Petrol on West Mineral Point Road | special to The Cap Times