I can't imagine a better Christmas present for the grinch who stole last year's Christmas (from the majority of Americans) than the news of Michael Flynn's guilty plea and deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The circular firing squad that is Donald Trump's administration, I am sure, is already locked and loaded. They don't get along with each other on a good day — I can only imagine what they will be like when under real pressure from the special counsel.

Flynn is like the canary in one of Trump's beloved coal mines. He's singing, and I am sure that other voices will soon be adding to the chorus.

To quote a tweet of the 45th president himself: “Wow.”

It is hard to believe that it hasn't even been a year yet. Maybe that will be the way that Trump is finally immortalized — “Yeah, it's only been a year, but that's like 10 in “Trump years.”

Now to my Christmas wish list:

I hope that the next administration is a Democratic one, and that their primary mission in their first 100 days is to undo everything Trump has done to this country in his short tenure — just as he has striven to undo anything Barack Obama touched.

And I hope that it is a woman at the helm — preferably a woman of color — since older white men (especially Trump) have had their turn to screw up the world for long enough. And because I know that would drive Trump insane.

And I fervently hope that the same will happen in Congress.

That would really make me want to say “Merry Christmas” again!

As I wrote in a previous column, I hope that Robert Mueller can assist prosecutors on the state level to pursue all of the shady dealings going back as far as any statute of limitations will allow. And, as Jeff Sessions has so graciously reinstituted, seize any and all properties involved in those crimes. We could get back to “beautifying America” by getting rid of those big, cheese-colored letters on everything.

Consider it a “tax.” Oh, that's right — Trump doesn't pay taxes. Well, now he can see what that is like.

I'd also recommend unsealing settlement agreements and voiding nondisclosure agreements as well, so that we can finally see all of the facts on those sexual harassment claims that were lodged against Trump.

I know that the Constitution does not provide a way for it — but if it is proven that Trump, with the help of the Russians, “stole” the election — we should be given a “do-over.”

It seems very wrong that the party that helped bring the president to power should still profit from such corrupt action (if there is any Republican left in the chain of succession at that point). “Fruit of the poison tree” as it were.

A special election would be the only fair resolution.

And I would go further. Once we had a new president, I think that Donald Trump should be relegated to only a “sad” footnote. A regrettable “glitch” in the system.

The new president should be considered the real 45th president, and all record of Trump expunged — like in ancient Egypt, when a previous pharaoh was “erased” from history.

No pension or lifetime health care (after all, he worked hard to take it away from the rest of us). No Secret Service protection (I am sure that Eric Prince can provide all of the protection Trump needs). No honors or titles should be bestowed as the former “non-Mr. President.”

And, like Mar-a-lago, Trump can sink, sadly and slowly, into that “yuge” ocean — as a result of that hoax, climate change.

So, from all of us, to Trump and all of his: Merry Christmas (as he would say) and Happy New Year!

(And a hearty Happy Hanukkah to Jared!)

Howard Waddell was a labor official in the Clinton administration under Robert Reich. He lives in Monticello, Wisconsin.

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