Put phony 'war on women' to rest -- Willard E. Lund

Put phony 'war on women' to rest -- Willard E. Lund

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The so-called "war on women" is just a piece of party propaganda.

In a declared war you have enemies. Are you designating women as enemies? Of what? Women are the finest allies you could have. This includes personal relationships, business decisions and political aspirations.

Look at how many well-educated, dedicated women appear on TV networks and cable TV. Many are lawyers, all are excellent communicators well-versed on their subjects and attractive as well.

There are too many to mention, with one personal exception. For years I have admired Frederica Freyberg on PBS. No biases -- just great interviewing.

There are too many countries where women are second class citizens or worse. Here we honor women and rightly so.

Hollywood portrays women as CIA and FBI agents, weapons experts who can subdue a six-foot male with a karate kick. Form your own opinion.

Many successful men know who helped them succeed. I sometimes wonder how they feel when hearing the lyrics of that wonderful song, "You are the Wind Beneath my Wings."

Let's put this phony war to rest.

-- Willard E. Lund, MadisonĀ 


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