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“Anyone who had any integrity would not buy a license from the Wisconsin DNR and be part of this disgrace.” — Carl Drake, 81-year-old Arapaho Indian elder

As lefties paraded their progressive values at Fighting Bob Fest on Sept. 7, the massive recreational murder of other species still has not hit their big screen. However, Huffington Post featured people coming from all over the country to Washington, D.C., to speak up for wolves that same day and express their outrage at the ongoing persecution and slaughter of wolves.

Often life is just culturally driven habit, not given to critical thinking. Everything comes back to human values and layers and layers of social indoctrination. Quiet being, reflection and appreciation are sold out to adrenaline rush, competition, and acquisition. Kids are being taught by the state that cruelty and killing are admirable.

It is a crisis of values. We are the cause of Earth’s degradation and massive, unimaginable suffering, but the priority is always human greed. There is little if any consideration for the larger community of life that supports us. Humans take everything away from wildlife — and kill them for fun on fragmented scraps of human-polluted land purchased for killing.

As we destroy Earth’s climate, water and oceans, and despoil the planet with dirty fuels, toxic chemicals and the fracking for gas, killing for fun is expanded. A YouTube cartoon shows what people do best: take.

Our “leadership” is evidently insane.

Selling death is easier than selling appreciation, respect, and love. After all, one goes home with a carcass, horns, skins, and measurements of the size or weight of a trophy. We have not evolved from the bleak 1800s. How do a few hours in the woods watching a fawn and her mother, a bear teaching her cubs to survive, a bobcat playing, or beavers teaching their kits to engineer water-saving miracles stack up? The Department of Natural Resources is dependent on killing licenses to stock nature with cannon fodder for money and power and more and more "take."

Life is not compatible with a death culture.

The gun industry and the entitled wildlife “managers” of the DNR continue to accelerate the pressure, bashing and trashing our bears and other wildlife as pathetic stories in the bars, and decorations in man-caves.

The business term is “harvesting.” They are raping Wisconsin public lands of our wealth of biodiversity. They are destroying even our wolves, an endangered species. Thirty-eight years, millions of dollars, and thousands of volunteers recovered a token 850 wolves in families scattered around the state. Now the DNR continues to mow down nearly half of them with packs of dogs, traps, crossbows, distressed pup calls, and skinned family as bait. Last year 201 wolves were targeted, but the Indian tribes could protect 85 of them. This year, because the Indians did not kill the wolves, only 24 of 275 wolves to be killed are allotted to the tribes. Emboldened, the DNR is killing more than twice as many wolves this year.

This Legislature should be educated or removed. Only strong public outcry could stop this, but the majority of people have been disempowered by a negligent media only advocating for killing in the “outdoors” pages.

A 4x4 truck in the parking lot of the Portage Tractor Supply had camouflage dog pens in the back, and beagle heads emerging. It was Sept. 4, the end of the first day of the bear kill. I asked the burly owner about the use of dogs, saying how intelligent and nonaggressive the bears are. He replied, “I am not going to listen to that.” He walked away, shooting back, “We will kill them ALL.”

I believe him.

Chris Hedges, former New York Times war correspondent, said of political “leadership”: “Those who are attracted to power are usually venal like George W. Bush, or mediocre like Obama. … My sneaking suspicion is that these people are just stupid, utterly blinded. In biblical terms, it is called idolatry.”

It is the bullies, the uneducated, the bored and the cruel who have absolute control of our wildlife. Fourteen years ago the hunters thought the public was about to end trapping and hounding. Now trappers, hounders and bow hunters rule. With $5 licenses, they added another 1,000 trappers this year to kill another 600,000 animals in traps. They will kill every last animal to hoard, and flaunt, their power against the rest of us.

As this column is published, I am in the 12th day of a hunger strike in solidarity with our bears and millions of other woodland creatures terrified by packs of dogs and traps, suffering and dying in this tragedy.

The Wisconsin my mother loved has turned into hell on Earth for me and my beloved innocent wild friends.

Patricia Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife. or


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