This striking view of Madison’s skyline taken from the then-brand new Monona Causeway, John Nolen Dr., by photographer J.D. Patrick, was published on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal on November 26, 1967. Hundreds of requests poured in over the following week from readers who were looking for a way to have the image for themselves.

The people had spoken ("It is one of the most beautiful pictures of Madison that I have ever seen" said one), and the State Journal listened. A "Reprint Coupon," offering glossy prints of the photo for the low low 1967 price of $1.00 each, was published shortly thereafter.

Over the next year -- and multiple print runs -- readers purchased more than five thousand copies for themselves, friends and family.

Far and away one of the most popular photos in the history of the State Journal, we thought it would be well worth offering this gorgeous image to our readers once again through our reprint service MyCapture, which is capable of reproducing the image in a number of shapes, sizes, formats and prices. You can stick with the classic 8" x 12" layout that the skyline was originally offered in, or get creative and put it on a mouse pad, jigsaw puzzle or t-shirt. We think it looks pretty good wrapped around a coffee cup. It's guaranteed to make a great gift for the Madisonians in your life!

A certifiably iconic document of the Madison skyline from a time before the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center was built, we truly hope you enjoy the image as much as we do.


The original caption, seen in the full page images above, is as follows:


Nearly 100 years ago, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow found Madison to be a place of beauty.

His poetic notes on the city fit beautifully this striking view of Madison’s skyline taken from the new Monona Causeway, John Nolen Dr.

Longfellow’s “The Four Lakes of Madison” was written in 1876 on the occasion of an exhibition of paintings of Madison at Philadelphia. Longfellow wrote:


Four limpid lakes — four Naiades

Or sylvan deities are there,

In flowing robes of azure dressed;

Four lovely handmaidens, that uphold

Their shining mirrors rimmed with gold

To the fair city in the West.


By day the coursers of the Sun

Drink of these waters as they run

Their swift diurnal round on high;

By night the constellations glow

Far down the hollow deeps below.

And glimmer in another sky.


Fair lakes, serene and full of light

Fair town, arrayed in robes of white.

How visionary ye appear!

All like a floating landscape seems

In cloud-land or the land of dreams.

Bathed in a golden atmosphere."

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