The Racine Journal Times isn't impressed with Donald Trump's response to the latest mass shooting in Texas in which he suggested that this isn't a gun issue but a mental health issue. Both of those issues need action, the newspaper editorializes. One of the first things that ought to happen is for Trump to restore the restrictions on mentally ill people getting guns, which he undid earlier this year, it adds.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's conservative columnist Christian Schneider theorizes that Donald Trump will actually help Scott Walker in his race for re-election next year. Schneider maintains that Walker has been shrewdly managed his relationship with Trump and instead of hurting him, Trump's presence will hurt the Democrats instead.  

Republican state Rep. John Macco, in a column for Right Wisconsin, touts GOP legislative plans to work on a new tax code for the state. He says the Assembly's reorganized Ways and Means Committee will look at new ideas on how to make the state's taxes more fair and equitable.

Also on Right Wisconsin, George Mitchell laments that the east-west I-94 project is officially dead for now, but the costs will only continue to rise. Now that the Federal Highway Administration has formally rescinded approval of the project at the request of state government, it may be years before it can be revived, placing a burden on taxpayers in the future and creating uncertainty for businesses along the highway, he notes.

Urban Milwaukee's Bruce Murphy calls out the legislative Republicans "sales tax hypocrisy." He notes that legislators four years ago gave a small northern Wisconsin community permission to enact a half-percent local sales tax to capture tourism dollars, yet refuse to allow Milwaukee to do likewise even though Milwaukee leads the state in tourism. 

Madison's rightie blogger David Blaska adds his unique observation of the Democratic wins in Tuesday's elections, contending that the Democrat winning in Virginia is no big surprise. Besides, the Republican who got beat wasn't a Trump person, but a more moderate Bush guy, Blaska contends.