The invisibility of people of color and historically unrepresented groups in Madison’s history was the major theme of a Cap Times Talk on historical preservation on Wednesday night at the Goodman Community Center. The talk, called "What should Madison commemorate that it hasn't already?", came at a time when historic preservation has been a hot topic in the city. This year, members of City Council grappled with whether to remove a stone monument at Forest Hill Cemetery memorializing confederate Civil War soldiers. The talk also comes as the city continues work on its Historic Preservation Plan, an effort by the city to improve its record on commemorating the history of historically unrepresented groups. The panel included Mai Zong Vue, president of the Hmong Institute, (l-r) Oscar Mireles, executive director of Omega School and Madison’s current poet laureate, Michelle Robinson, research, data and policy associate for Race to Equity, and was moderated by Cap Times reporter Abby Becker. 

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