BAKER, Phoebe, 87 Stoughton

BRATTLIE, Beverly Ann Barneveld

BRUNS, Jeanne E., 66 Middleton

DUNN, Robert Anthony “Max”, 94 Madison

FOSS, Nancy, 66 Fitchburg

FUCHS, Mary A., 93 Baraboo

HOOD, Nancy A., 88 Middleton

IHM, Matthew Carl, 41 Madison

LARSON, Curtis E., 96 Stoughton

MELLEM, David J., 74 Madison

MUNZ, Felix S., 95 Avoca / Highland

NELSON, Alvie, 93 Stoughton

NOEL, Richard “Dick” “The Barber”, 86 Marshall

OLSON, Vivian J., 97 Lake Mills

PERRY, Michael Alan, 58 Madison

ROESSLER, La Vern “Ross”, 77 Madison

SCHULTZ, Beverly, 92 Madison

SMITH, Shirley Mae, 94 Madison

ZIMMERMAN, Kenneth E., Sr., 83 New Glarus

MUTERT, Cayla Jo, 26; Platteville

SLACK, Rick L., Aug. 11, 2019, Mercy Medical Center (Dubuque, IA).; Livingston

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