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Quote of the Day:

“I’m sorry, Wendy Windsock, we must break up, you’re just too ugly.”

A cartoon Mayor Paul Soglin, giving Cargo Coffee’s Wendy the Windsock the old heave-ho in a cartoon by coffee shop employee Mike Edwards.

It’s a truism in municipal politics — never pick on a windsock. Cargo Coffee has turned Mayor Paul Soglin’s attempt to get the Park Street coffee house to remove its long-standing windsock into a cause célèbre, with cartoons, a Facebook page and now “Wendy the Windsock” T-shirts being sold to raise money for One City Early Learning Center.

The narrative on the Mary Burke-Scott Walker race has been that it’s so tight that one WindsockGate could tip things over. But a new poll shows Burke five points up, and the gap in the Cap Times’ statistical model which averages all the polls has widened as a result.

The creators of the so-called “Wisconsin Poll Watchers Militia” Facebook page are now insisting the whole idea of sending armed poll watchers to harass Democrats on Election Day was a hoax. The Guardian has taken note of the page, as well as the fact that the so-called “hoax” site has deleted several of its more controversial statements.

One thing neither Walker nor Burke never want to do is tick off Wisconsin’s powerful sauerkraut constituency. It turns out that the food that Wisconsinites tweet about the most is sauerkraut. Not cheese!

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Rob Thomas is the features editor and social media editor for the Capital Times, as well as its film critic. He joined the Cap Times in 1999 and has written about movies, music, food and books.