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Packers superfan takes wife's last name of Packer

Marie Packer and Ryan Holtan-Murphy on their wedding day. 

Ryan Holtan-Murphy is a Green Bay Packers super fan.

He was excited when the beautiful woman he met at his law school reunion told him her last name: "Packer." He was so excited, the pair said, he made her show two forms of ID.

Nearly three years later, after a long courtship that saw Holtan-Murphy move to Chicago to be with her after stints in London and New York, the two wed at the Willis Tower this weekend. Now Holtan-Murphy will be taking Marie Packer's last name because, as the couple put it on their wedding registry: "It's the Packers!"

"People who know me knew I'd do something ridiculous Packers-related because I've been so obsessed with the Packers for so long," Holtan-Murphy said in an interview this week, during the couple's honeymoon.

Their story has gotten national attention from outlets across the country, including Good Morning America and ESPN, after an article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

"I've definitely gotten some grief for it, but I think it's all been pretty good-natured," Holtan-Murphy said.

New York native Holtan-Murphy was raised in Wauwatosa, the couple said, and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Packer was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but spent most of her "formative years" in Ann Arbor, Mich. She attended Michigan State University for medical school, "where she received an excellent education despite their terrible football team," the couple said.

The pair met at a karaoke bar in September 2014, but they said they sometimes tell people it was "an art gallery" or "somewhere classier."

For their wedding, the two dressed conventionally, but Holtan-Murphy ordered "Mr. Packer" and "Dr. Packer" jerseys they'll wear to games.

He also brought a little silliness to the reception.

After everybody had a couple of drinks, Holtan-Murphy put on a hideous suit covered in Green Bay Packers insignia.

"I had no knowledge of it," Packer said, laughing as she noted: "I sound like Richard Nixon."

Holtan-Murphy jokingly asked the Tribune to "be gentle" when reporting the story for a Chicago audience. He said Chicago is the "greatest city in the world," but added, "As much as I love Chicago, I can't love your football team."

Striking a conciliatory tone, he called the Bears "a great archenemy for my team."

"I think we can all agree, we hate the Vikings," Holtan-Murphy said.

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