On January 14, WisconsinEye Senior Producer Steve Walters sat down with Wisconsin Counties Association Executive Director Mark O'Connell, La Crosse County Human Services Director Jason Witt, and Portage County Child Welfare Supervisor Teresa Kovach to discuss issues with drug addiction and child welfare in Wisconsin in a program sponsored by the Wisconsin Counties Association. "The increase in terms of county costs for out-of-home care placements...those costs have sky rocketed in recent years," Jason Witt said. "The increases in out-of-home care was a tremendous strain on those foster care resources. We're also seeing larger sibling groups come into our system...if we can't support them in a single home, we talk about the impact on kids of separating sibling groups and having to put them in different foster homes," Teresa Kovach said. "The other thing...is the impact on the case-workers...the workload burden on them is tremendous."

Watch the full program: https://bit.ly/2CknZmK

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