On November 7, the "Toasting Tony Earl" event was held to honor the 50th anniversary of the Democrat's election to the Assembly, his service as secretary of the state Natural Resources and Administration departments and his 1983-86 tenure as governor. Tommy Thompson, governor from 1987 - 2001 and close friend to Earl, spoke about him being an "unrelenting advocate for our state's natural resources," and highlighted the fact that the Peshtigo River State Forest was recently renamed "Governor Earl Peshtigo State Forest," in his honor. U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, who worked for Earl's former advisor on women's issues, spoke about Earl's leadership having a "profound impact, particularly on women," and how he addressed pay inequity for state employees. Gov. Tony Evers praised Earl for his countless contributions to the state ranging from natural resources to public education to championing democracy and inclusion. "These are all things I'm striving to do also as governor. I believe all of us should do this in our respective lives because that's how we build a Wisconsin that works for everyone. Tony Earl did that."

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