On November 30, WisconsinEye's Senior Producer Steve Walters and WisPolitics.com Editor JR Ross discussed the Wisconsin Department of Administration's projection of tax revenues increasing by $2.2 billion through mid-2021 which begins the debate for the next state budget. The list of demands for the $2.2 billion include: $1.4 billion more for K-12 public schools, $836 million more for Medicaid, $231 million for Foxconn tax breaks, and additional amounts for the Department of Corrections, UW System and a middle class tax cut. This would create a $1.1 billion deficit. "This deficit is not real. What is real though, is [Governor-Elect Evers] has the best revenue picture of his two predecessors walking in the door on the first day," JR Ross said.

Watch the full program: https://bit.ly/2BKg2IF

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