During a recent news conference, Republican legislators discussed four legislative efforts to address mental health needs and increase the availability of mental health services, including mental health clubhouse funding (LRB-2691/P2), tax deductions for psychiatrists in Wisconsin (LRB-3617/1), psychology examining board updates (LRB-1206/1), and grant funding for non-profits to focus on trauma informed care (AB 291/SB 259). Brian Karman, member of Painting Pathways Clubhouse in Manitowoc, shared his story of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Karman also highlighted the steep economic losses Wisconsin experiences every year due to severe mental illness and how long-term mental health services provided at Clubhouses cost the same as short-term psychiatric hospital stays. "In Wisconsin, we lose $4 billion in lost earnings every year because of severe mental illness." Karman said. "For one year of services in a mental health Clubhouse, it equals two weeks of stay for a psychiatric hospital."

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