On December 5, 2018, Governor-elect Evers held a news conference to address questions about the extraordinary session's passed legislation and how it affects his ability to manage Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and Foxconn. "I view this, what was passed, as frankly, a hot mess, and together, all of it is a...dangerous precedent," Evers said about the passed legislation. "...what they've done is made...WEDC an arm of the legislature and has removed it from the executive branch. I don't think the people of Wisconsin expect me to have...a nine month training period in order to make sure I can figure out how to work on economic development in the state of Wisconsin," Evers said about WEDC. "I believe in order for us to work productively with Foxconn, we have to have somebody that's the head of that agency...that is a governor-appointee...that economic development has to begin with the governor of the state not the legislature," Evers said about Foxconn.

Watch the full news conference: https://bit.ly/2QGKyLy

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