On December 6, WisconsinEye Senior Producer Steve Walters and WisPolitics.com Editor JR Ross discussed how the Wisconsin Elections Commission voted 5-1 to ask the Legislature to help clarify the laws on "movers." "Movers" are people that public records show have moved from the address they gave when the voted in Wisconsin. The issue that WEC seeks to address is when to remove more than 200,000 "movers" from voter rolls. A push to remove the names of the "movers" within 30 days comes from the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty since Wisconsin has same day voter registration. And although WEC recognizes the federal effort to track "movers," state law is unclear on when names must be removed. JR Ross pointed out that WEC made a policy decision once on "movers" following state law saying that you have until April 2021 to remove people if no there is no response, but now they are asking the legislature for clarification which may bolster the case for WILL. Additionally, he said that Progressives fear that if Republican leadership weighs in that they will not be able to have an expansive view on voter policy in state law, and there would be the challenge of getting the legislature and the governor to agree.

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