"Some of these laws about absentee ballots, Democrats aren't happy with them in general," WisPolitics.com Editor JR Ross, said. "This is an opportunity for them to one: make sure people have an easier time to vote, and two: they can file this lawsuit if these things are overturned and the election goes on without a hitch." Steve and JR discussed why the state and National Democratic parties filed a federal lawsuit to extend voting registration times which included extending electronic and by-mail voter registration to April 3, suspending photo ID and proof of residency requirements during COVID-19 emergency, and and extending deadline for receiving absentee mail-in ballots to April 7 postmark and counting absentee ballots received within 10 days. Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez explained that, "These steps are critical to ensuring that all Wisconsinites who wish to participate in the April 7 elections are able to do so." In response, state Republican Party Executive Director Mark Jefferson said, "Democrats are trying to hijack a national health crisis to rig an election in their favor."

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