On February 28, Governor Tony Evers (D) delivered his Budget Address to the state legislature which addressed issues like criminal justice reform. In Gov. Evers' proposal, he requested returning children who are seventeen to the juvenile justice system, investing more than $200 million in additional funds to get children out of Lincoln Hills, allocating $2 million on a grant program for community policing through the Department of Justice in 10 cities with the highest violent crime rates in Wisconsin, decriminalizing marijuana possession for 25 grams or less, increasing the private bar reimbursement rate to $70 per hour with 25 additional district attorneys being added around the state, expanding the Opening Avenues to Reentry Success program for inmates with mental health issues and are at risk of reoffending, and expanding the Windows to Work program and banning the box statewide. Gov. Evers believes that he can gain bipartisan support on this issue.

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