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Scott Walker

In this July 14 photo, Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks during a campaign event at a Harley-Davidson dealership in Las Vegas.

President Barack Obama's nuclear weapons deal with Iran is like leaving teenage boys alone in their rooms with girls, Gov. Scott Walker told a conservative Iowa radio host on Wednesday. 

Walker said in the interview with radio host Simon Conway that the Iran deal's notification requirements should be much more forceful.

"Throughout this process I've spoken out repeatedly about it," he said. "I've got two boys in college now, but when they were in high school, we used to have a rule that they could have friends over, including girls, as long as the door to their room was open."

"To me, the provisions in this deal are like telling teenage boys not only can you have the door closed, but we got to shout up the stairs before we walk up the steps, 'Hey, we're coming up to check and see what you're doing, I just want to give you advance notice. It makes no sense."

"You wouldn't do it as a parent, we certainly shouldn't be doing it with (the leading country) when it comes to state-sponsored terrorism," he said. "This is not a country we should be doing business with."

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Molly Beck covers politics and state government for the Wisconsin State Journal.

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