On April 3rd, WisconsinEye sat down with Laurel Noack, member of the College Democrats of UW-Madison, and Abby Streu, chair of the Young Americans for Freedom at UW-Madison, to discuss gun reform and school safety legislation. "Armed guards in the classroom isn't going to create a great environment for students. What we need in these classrooms is new books, new chairs. Our school system is failing because Scott Walker cut so much from our budget, and now in an election year, he's finally tackling this early, so he doesn't have to deal with it in 2018." Noack said. "We can't necessarily go wrong with increasing resource officers in schools. For instance, in Maryland, we just saw a school shooting last month where a resource officer was able to stop a shooting from getting worse..." Streu said.

Watch the full program: http://www.wiseye.org/Video-Archive/Event-Detail/evhdid/12313#sthash.VR9c3VjO.uxfs