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Polling expert Charles Franklin of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Marquette University Law School Poll.

Renowned UW-Madison political pollster Charles Franklin is taking the "visiting" tag off his professor label and will be joining the Marquette University Law School faculty full time.

Franklin, whose Marquette University Law School poll called every major election correctly in 2012, was a visiting professor at Marquette this past year, according to a news release from the university in Milwaukee.

He has been a professor of political science at UW-Madison since 1992.

"As I welcome this new opportunity, I also appreciate with great fondness two extraordinary decades at UW-Madison and my wonderful colleagues there," Franklin said in a statement.

Franklin is co-founder of, an award-winning website for non-partisan polling analysis.

He has also been on the ABC News election night analysis team since 2002.

Marquette University President Rev. Scott Pilarz said Franklin's appointment to full-time status will broaden the Law School Poll's reach.

"The poll has prompted us to reach beyond traditional academic boundaries, to embrace new and collaborative methods of research and service and to help drive the conversation on important questions affecting the region, state and nation," Pilarz said.

The newest poll results will be presented by Franklin at the Law School on Tuesday.


Bill Novak is a general assignment reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.