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Two Nekoosa men are charged with endangering safety and disorderly conduct after allegedly firing a shotgun multiple times after a failed drug deal.

Jacob Meyer, 18, and Alex Frick, 19, both of Nekoosa, are charged with second degree recklessly endangering safety and disorderly conduct. They face up to 10 years imprisonment for the first charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Nov. 28, a Juneau County detective was dispatched to a disturbance involving gunfire by two individuals on 24th Avenue in the town of Armenia. The reporting party identified the subjects as Meyer and Frick.

Sheriff’s Department officials established a perimeter around the 24th Avenue address.

The victims in the incident had since left to a 2nd Street address, and the detective met them there. The individuals stated that they gone to the 24th Avenue residence to sell two electronic tablets to Meyer and Frick, but Meyer took the tablets and went into the house without offering any money in return.

It was at that point one of the individuals stated she heard gunshots. She stated she then observed Frick point a shotgun at one individual’s head. As they fled in their car, Meyer and Frick “tried to hit their car head on.”

It was later revealed that in addition to the shotguns, there was a pellet gun fired at the individuals as well. Two individuals said they had been “pelted in the back.”

Meyer and Frick were reported to be at a 3rd Street address. Law enforcement officials were informed that they may be armed. A perimeter was established around the residence.

Dispatch spoke with Meyer on the phone and advised him and Frick to come out of the residence with their hands up. Both Meyer and Frick came out and were detained.

From the backseat of a Deputy’s squad car, Meyer revealed he had hid the shotguns under the mattress in his sister’s bedroom. During a search of the 24th Street residence, deputies found an Ithica 12 gage, a Westernfield 12 gage, a Remington 20 gage, and a Richland Arms 16 gage. The 16 gage shotgun was taken as evidence based on the shell casings found outside the residence.

Sheriff’s deputies also found that a window at the residence had been smashed. Based on the distribution of the glass shards, it looked to have been smashed from the outside.

Once at the Sheriff’s Office, Meyer and Frick were interviewed separately by law enforcement officials.

During his interview, Frick stated that he and Meyer had been sitting in the living room when “all of a sudden the window by the front door shattered.” When asked about the pellet gun “he became defensive and suggested that maybe the subjects shot themselves with a pellet gun.”

When the detective who was interviewing Frick said he would be going to jail, Frick “became very upset and started crying.” It was at this point that he stated he was afraid of Meyer and “didn’t want to snitch on him.”

Frick revealed that the incident had not been over the sale of electronic tablets, but marijuana. Frick said “he was there for back up but didn’t even know it.”

During his interview, Meyer stated he had previously given one of the subjects $40 worth of marijuana but had never been paid. The individual was supposed to bring Meyer a “60 bag” (1/8 ounce) of marijuana but only brought a third that amount, which made him “pissed.” He said he then went into the house with the marijuana without paying and locked the door, and then the window was broken and he and Frick fired the shotguns back out the window and into the air.

Meyer admitted that “he knew (the individual) was coming to his residence and planned on ripping (him) off.”

Meyer said Frick may have had the pellet gun, and that he and Frick had thrown the marijuana into the yard of the 3rd Street residence once they saw law enforcement in the area.

Frick is not currently in Juneau County Jail.

Meyer’s actions violated the bond conditions of a previous offense. He is currently in Juneau County Jail.

Both men are due for initial appearances in court on Jan. 10 and Dec. 20 respectively.

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