In this week's political podcast Milfred and Hands ask and answer the question: Would you buy your kid a Ryan Braun jersey, knowing his connection to baseball's doping scandal? Our editorial board members just watched the documentary "Screwball," playing this month at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison. The film reminds Milwaukee Brewers fans that their hero was a cheater and liar. But he's come clean and remains a clutch and durable hitter at age 35 as the Crew makes another run at the playoffs. Milfred's daughter, 16, recounts her father throwing out her Braun jersey six years ago, and she weighs in on whether she'd wear a Braun jersey today. The Brewers are in first place in the National League Central, making another run for the playoffs. "Center Stage with Milfred and Hands" is the State Journal's weekly podcast from the sensible center of Wisconsin politics, featuring editorial page editor Scott Milfred and political cartoonist Phil Hands, half of the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board. Braun isn't running for public office. But his story crosses into social politics, current events and the what it means to be from Wisconsin.