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Purrfect perch: Hammocks let cats just hang around
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Purrfect perch: Hammocks let cats just hang around

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‌The term “cat nap” exists for a reason — when cats aren’t eating, playing or surveying their territory, they’re usually found sleeping. Cat hammocks provide a comfy place for your kitties to sleep and often appeal to cats who refuse to snooze on regular cat beds.

Here’s the information you’ll need to find the perfect cat hammock, including recommendations on three cat hammocks to try.


Primarily, cat hammocks are either mounted or freestanding. Mounted hammocks can either be wall-mounted or window-mounted, while freestanding hammocks come on a stand or are part of a larger cat-tree.

Of the two mounted options, wall-mounted cat hammocks are sturdier, but are also trickier to install.

If you choose a window-mounted cat hammock, you only need to attach suction cups to the glass, but there can be problems when the window gets very cold or isn’t clean enough.

For freestanding cat hammocks, their stability varies; some can feel quite flimsy, which can put a cat off.


You want your cat’s hammock to be comfortable, strong and easy to clean.

Some cat hammocks are made from durable nylon, which isn’t the softest material, but it’s rugged and wipes clean.

Softer fabrics, such as cotton and synthetic fleece, are popular, but these hammocks should be removable from their frame for washing.

Weight limit‌

If you have more than one cat, don’t rule out the chance that they all might attempt to squeeze onto the same hammock, so it should have a weight limit to support them all at once.

Bear in mind that the average cat weighs between 8 and 10 pounds.


Cat hammocks are available in a wide range of colors, prints and styles. It shouldn’t be hard to find one with an attractive design, which is especially important if it will be on prominent display.


You can find some simple cat hammocks starting at around $10, while elaborate offerings with extra features can cost more than $100.

Here are 3 cat hammocks to try:

Frequently asked questions

Do cats like hammocks?‌

Many cats do. Even cats who don’t usually sleep on a bed may enjoy a hammock, since it’s raised up off the ground. Wall- and window-mounted hammocks are often popular because cats like to survey their territory from high up.

Are cat hammocks safe?‌

As long as you choose a quality hammock and follow the mounting or assembly instructions correctly, cat hammocks are perfectly safe. Cats are natural climbers and jumpers, so they should be able to hop on and off the hammock without issue, even if it’s far off the ground. Should they slip, cats usually right themselves and land on their feet.

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