New pup

"Scarlet,'' on Oct. 31.

I told the story of losing our dog, Pepper, in October, and how we wrangled with the decision of whether to get a new dog, and if so, when.

There was no great epiphany or moment of clarity. I woke up one day and decided, "now." And the family chatted about it for about, oh, 6 seconds, and off we went, puppy-searching.

The whole search went fairly quickly. We wanted (read: need) a hypoallergenic dog. We have always had, and loved, schnauzers. We wanted a dog we could afford. We wanted a dog we could go visit and pick up and bring home without a lot of hassle, a dog that wouldn't have to be flown to us from across the country. And, yeah, we wanted something cute. (Why wouldn't we, right?)

We started an online search, and found a litter born near Lake Geneva on the first of October. We did our due diligence, checked references, talked to the breeder, looked at pictures, huddled, and made a choice.

The breeder is calling her Scarlet. We likely will change that. (*** Name ideas welcome!!!***)

We will pick her up two days after Thanksgiving. The time between deciding on her, and her actually becoming part of the family IS TAKING FOREVER.

In the meantime, we read books, blogs, ask questions of friends and count days off the calendar, which, like a clock at the end of a fifth-grader's school day, is seemingly going backwards.

I've managed my work schedule (thanks, Boss!) to enable me to focus for a couple of weeks on training her. We don't want a show dog, or a Hollywood dog. Just one that comes when she's called, can sit and stay on command, drops the ball when she's supposed to, and doesn't get her leash wrapped around the basketball pole.

It's a new adventure with a new family member taking us on a new journey and into a new lifestyle, in many ways.

What else to say, other than this: Can. Not. Wait.


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