A mere four days -- with a holiday in the middle -- until we get our new puppy. (More here.)

The breeder continues to send us updated photos of the growing little girl, which is great. But we keep wondering about things pictures can't tell us. Things like "what is she like?'' "What does she do?" "How does she play?" "What does her bark sound like?" "How does she smell?"

All questions that will be answered in due time. But that, naturally, doesn't curb our curiosity.

In the meantime, we're reading. "The Puppy Whisperer" has been a steady font of information, as has "Puppies for Dummies." We've got a shopping list of things to get before PPD (Puppy Pick-up Day). Bowls, toys, bed, collar, leash, brush, treats, food, wine (for us, not for the pup).

Will we be ready? I'm hoping so; I'm guessing no.

Have any tips for when the puppy comes home? Share!