This super tiny spy cam is an Amazon best-seller
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This super tiny spy cam is an Amazon best-seller

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Amazon customers love home security devices, from Ring doorbell cameras to indoor pet monitors, but this super tiny spy camera might be the most discreet home surveillance device on the market. Here’s why customers are buying it in droves.

Portable Security

This mini spy camera can travel just about anywhere. Whether you want to monitor your car in a questionable parking spot or need to keep an eye on your home while you’re away, this discreet thumb-sized camera takes just seconds to install with the attached magnets.

Motion Detection and Loop Recording

This camera stores video to an SD card inserted inside, so it only works when you need it. The camera turns on when motion is detected, and will auto overwrite the oldest videos when the card is full. That means you won’t need to sort through hours of video to figure out who swiped your mail.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers are raving about this miniature spy camera, and their reasons for loving it vary from watching cute videos of their nocturnal pet hedgehog to catching a neighborhood vandal in the act. One of the most popular uses for this discreet camera was figuring out who was swiping packages from an apartment building. Other reviewers used it to keep an eye on vulnerable children or senior relatives under someone else’s care while they were at work.

Mini Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Spy Camera available from Amazon


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