Dorm Room


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Sharing a tiny dorm room with a stranger isn’t always the easiest feat—but you can avoid one source of drama by tackling the limited storage space head on. These small space storage solutions are perfect for shared rooms.

1) Use space saving hangers.

Dorm room closet space is usually at a serious premium, but rather than fighting over where to hang your clothes try these space saving hangers. Each hanger has metal slots that allow you to hang up to 12 items vertically instead of taking up horizontal space.

2) Stash off season items under the bed.

With limited floor space and few dorms allowing students to install wall shelving, using every square foot counts. Stash off season clothing, extra blankets, or infrequently used items in these clear plastic storage bins. Their low profile and wheels make them easy to pull in and out from under the bed.

3) Keep condiments and cutlery in a caddy.

This smartly designed cooking caddy from DormCo fits perfectly over the mini fridge and keeps cutlery, condiments, and napkins neatly organized for those late-night study session snacks.

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