From the 1950s until 1994, the Wisconsin State Journal compiled some of the best reader-submitted recipes into annual cookbooks.

Judges gave their stamp of approval to many of these recipes, choosing winners in a variety of categories from cookies to pies, pastries and more.

As a gift to readers, we've dug through the archives to find some of the best holiday recipes from these cookbooks. They appear today just as they first appeared.

Keep in mind that ingredients and cooking techniques have changed over time. Cooking terms that were common in 1956 might send a modern cook to the internet to look something up. Also, don't expect step-by-step directions with these recipes. Cooks were expected to know what to do and in many recipes steps are implied.

In some ways, the recipes are a time capsule. Looking through the decades, you'll see how the women submitting recipes were most commonly known only as Mrs. (insert husband's name here) until that began to change in the 1970s and how at one point the thought of men cooking warranted its own recipe category.

While many things have changed, families today still take pride in their holiday food traditions. Maybe one of these recipes will inspire you to start a new tradition.