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A look at the most popular Halloween treats in each state for 2018

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Candy corn

It's again Skittles and Snickers taking on classics like candy corn and Hot Tamales for the battle of most popular Halloween candy.

Bulk candy dealer compiled 11 years of sales data to determine the top-selling candy in each state and Washington D.C.

Here's what they found (hover over each state to find the top three, or scroll down for a state-by-state list):


The company also compared its sales data with other ranked lists to find the 10 best and worst Halloween candies. 

First, the worst:

  1. Circus Peanuts
  2. Candy Corn
  3. Wax Coke Bottles
  4. Necco Wafers
  5. Peanut Butter Kisses
  6. Tootsie Rolls
  7. Smarties
  8. Licorice
  9. Good & Plenty
  10. Mary Janes

And the best:

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Snickers
  3. Twix
  4. Kit Kat
  5. M&Ms
  6. Nerds
  7. Butterfinger
  8. Sour Patch Kids
  9. Skittles
  10. Hershey Bar

So what's the deal with candy corn being among the most popular with candy buyers but still on the list of worst candy?

"It's totally a love/hate thing with candy corn," Clair Robins with said. "People love to love it and love to hate it. ... Perhaps another factor is that while people buy a lot of it, they wouldn't claim it as their favorite. Skittles or Reese's Cups are preferred, but they will still also buy candy corn at Halloween, because it's nostalgic or conventional to do so."

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