Over the last three weeks, the University of Wisconsin System’s leaders have adopted new policies to curb disruptive protests, largely mirroring a controversial Republican bill. They have given members of the Board of Regents more power in picking campus leaders.

And they have announced a sweeping reorganization of UW’s two-year colleges and Extension program, surprising faculty and students who were left out of that planning process.

Two higher education experts see a common theme in the actions: An embrace of top-down decision-making and conservative ideas about higher education by the UW System’s administration and its Board of Regents, which is now almost entirely made up of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s appointees.

For more details, read this story: http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/education/university/latest-actions-deepen-divide-between-uw-system-leaders-and-many/article_60f7eba1-ae60-55ea-928c-64503dbc02b7.html