The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company isn't pleased with Madison Craft Beer Week co-founder Jeff Glazer. The brewery issued a statement today responding to what they called a "a misleading and discrediting opinion" Glazer shared in a recent Q&A with the Cap Times about the event.

"Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, an organizer of MCBW has chosen to speak publicly in a way that is demeaning to some of the breweries who work to make their event a success," the Great Dane's statement said.

Madison Craft Beer Week organizers said they didn't know what they did to offend the Dane last year. This year, the element of the Q&A that bothered the Great Dane reads:

How has the Madison craft beer scene changed since you got here in 2006?

It has grown immensely. There’s a lot more players in the market. It has gone from being a fairly standard beer oriented market to a very adventurous beer market. When I first got here it was Great Dane and Capital and that was about it.

(And) it was still all relatively normal beers. They had their ambers and their porters and their pale ales and their pilsners, there wasn’t anything really weird or exciting or creative particularly about it. It was all good, it wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t that interesting either.

I think that has changed significantly with the influx of nanobreweries like One Barrel, with super creative brewers like Scott Manning at Vintage or Aran Madden at Furthermore or Andrew (Gierczak) and Henry (Schwartz) over at MobCraft. You have breweries in the market now that are doing such strange and creative things with beer that simply didn’t exist in 2006 when I moved here.

"While the slight in both instances were most likely unintentional, they both speak to the same unsettling trend in America’s craft beer movement, where breweries whose “raison d’être” is to only make extreme beers, are shown more appreciation than those who take a more even-keeled approach," the Dane said in its statement.

In response to the Great Dane's Facebook post with the statement, Wisconsin Brewing Company brewmaster Kirby Nelson said, "Here's to the appreciation of all great beer, from the mild to the extreme."

Madison Craft Beer Week organizers said they were planning to issue an official response to the Great Dane's comments. The statement has yet to be released.

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