'What's a Coastie?'
"What's a Coastie?" pokes fun at the Ugg-wearing "bitties" who frequent the KK. The song is gaining popularity across the UW-Madison campus via stickers, word of mouth and Facebook.

I never paid much attention to the great Sconnie vs. Coastie divide at UW-Madison, but I've got to admit, this new parody song about "coasties" that's circulating on campus is pretty clever.

As the Badger Herald reported yesterday, "What's a Coastie?" is quickly gaining popularity across campus via stickers, word of mouth and Facebook. Undergrads Quincy Harrison and Cliff "Beef" Grefe released the song Oct. 6 on MySpace. It's gotten more than 5,600 plays since then.

The song is a fun, sleazy flirt with coastie ladies ("bitties"), the stereotype of the East Coast undergrads who wear huge sunglasses, Uggs, black tights, frequent the Kollege Klub, live in the Towers and suckle on Starbucks.

The song starts with the buzz of a vibrating cell phone (naturally), then Harrison and Grefe take turns rapping. There's a great Auto-crooned break near the end, sung in the over-the-top, sex-robot style of local R&B singer/jokester Rory Kane.

Sample verse:

Always walkin' Langdon with a strut lookin' haawwt

Talkin' on her celly like, "girl ohh gawwwd!"

Coach bag, Gucci shades that they daddy bought

Muggin' wearin v-neck tees with they iPaawwd

Always up in Van Vleck, "I have a question"

Baby sit back, let me explain this lesson...

Most students seem to be taking the song in good humor and the way Harrison and Grefe say they intended it -- tongue-in-cheek -- but a couple of people quoted in the Badger Herald think it needlessly perpetuates stereotypes.

To me, it just seems like a goofy tribute and not mean-spirited at all. The only thing that surprises me is how little the coastie stereotype has changed since I was a student almost ten years ago. It's still all about big shades, black tights, Uggs and Northface coats.