Jason Blum: Happy Death Day 2U was an unlikely sequel
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Jason Blum admits that 'Happy Death Day 2U' was an unlikely sequel.

The 49-year-old producer - who is the CEO of Blumhouse Productions - partnered up with writer-and-director Christopher Landon once again for the highly-anticipated sequel to their 2017 slasher film, which sees Jessica Rothe reprise her role as Tree Gelbman, a college student who had to repeat the day she is murdered over and over again whilst trying to discover the identity of her killer.

And both admit the follow-up was not expected because they both conceived the original story and standalone film.

Speaking to Collider, Landon said: "I think honestly nobody thought of a sequel."

Blum added: "It was actually the reverse, I mean obviously we make a lot of movies sometimes, I think it's a huge mistake to make an original movie only if you can think of what the sequel is, I think it's terrible. But definitely, of most of the movies we've done, the least likely to have a sequel would definitely have been this movie - and 'Paranormal Activity'."

The franchise's director Landon also confessed that the idea for the sequel "struck" him when he had nearly finished editing the first film and he was so "excited" he pitched it to Blum immediately.

Landon admitted: "There was no conversation about a sequel while we were making this movie and it was only until I was editing and almost done and I was suddenly struck by this idea and I got so excited by the possibility of the idea that I pitched it to Jason.

"All that excitement came from the fact it was not going to be the same movie, we were going to do something really different, and really fun.

"It's a bit of a rabbit hole but if I'm lucky enough to make a third movie, it's not going to be that expected path and I think that's the important thing, it's always about keeping people on their toes and challenging yourself as a filmmaker to do something different."

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