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Parents need to know that “Kingdom Hearts III” is an action-based role-playing game for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game has a strong focus on storytelling and an exceptional amount of commercialism. The combat is cartoonish and relatively mild, with swords in the shape of keys, and fantastical enemies that simply disappear when defeated. It also features powerful magical attacks that involve Disney theme park-style attractions, including roller coasters and swinging pirate boats. Between battles, players watch lengthy, non-interactive cut scenes where the heroes discuss varied issues ranging from what to do next in their struggle against an evil organization to issues about identity and self-worth. The main companions are an undeniably good and altruistic bunch who risk everything to help their friends. But this game is also essentially a commercial for all things Disney, with dozens of familiar characters and themed worlds designed to appeal to kids who love movies like “Toy Story,” “Hercules,” “Frozen,” and “Ratatouille.”

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Parents need to know that “Resident Evil 2” is a violent and bloody action game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. This is the latest chapter in a long-running franchise that has spanned multiple games, toys, and movies. Using guns, explosives and knives, players kill zombies and other monsters, while the zombies and monsters use their teeth and claws to kill humans. All of this killing results in copious amounts of blood, gore, and dismemberment that are often shown in graphic detail. The dialogue includes the words “a--hole,” “s--t,” and “f--k.” There are also posters of women in bikinis hanging in an guy’s office.

Any parent with a Fortnite fiend in the house knows the struggle: How do I keep up with the game’s ever-changing features, customs, and lingo? And — even more important — how do I keep kids safe when scammers and bad actors sneak into the game? If you’re one of the many parents who’s never played Fortnite (or just one of the ones who doesn’t get the hype), you might be missing out on some of the “secrets” that only hardcore fans of the game know.

When we moved to a new town last summer, I wasn’t sure how my 12-year-old son would make new friends. I saw lots of kids his age biking around our new neighborhood or playing ball at the park. But when you’re 12, it’s not easy to just walk over to a strange kid and introduce yourself. Plus my son was more interested in staying inside to play “Fortnite” and other video games, which wasn’t helping. With the new school year approaching and my son’s anxiety about going to a new school rising, I decided to take things into my own hands.

Parents need to know that “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is the latest installment in the wildly popular fighting series exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Players select from a roster of more than 70 characters from a wide variety of games, and the game also supports amiibo figurines that are sold separately, which players can use to personalize their favorite character, and a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online is required for online multiplayer games. While fighting is the point of the game, with characters using fists, feet, special attacks, and items to launch opponents off the screen, there’s no blood or gore shown, and the combat is cartoonish. Some female characters wear skin tight costumes, but otherwise, there’s no inappropriate content.

Does your kid talk endlessly about Tilted Towers and V-Bucks? Do his shouts of “Revive me! Revive me!” ring throughout your home? Have you considered moving to a remote island without internet access to rid yourself of absolutely anything having to do with Fortnite? Welcome to Fortnite frenzy! You’re the parent of one of 125 million players of the enormously popular multiplayer third-person-shooter video game “Fortnite: Battle Royale.”

Looking for a gift idea for the board game lover in your life? Or just hoping to find something fun to play this holiday season? Here are some popular games for the 2018 holiday season.

"Tetris" is obviously a puzzle game. But the tile-matching anxiety attack has become so ubiquitous as to feel like a genre unto itself since being invented in 1984 — yes, invented, not released.