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Parents need to know that “FIFA 20” is the latest installment in the long running soccer franchise for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game builds on the content of the previous year’s game, while also including a new street soccer mode for players that don’t always want to play in arenas. There’s no inappropriate content within the game, although the unmoderated gameplay during online matches could expose players to inappropriate content. Players will find product and company logos are on characters, as well as ads posted on billboards along the sidelines of the pitch. The game also comes in three separate modes, with each providing unique content, and while players can play to earn credits for the Ultimate Team, they can also pay real money for new gear, athletes, and items.

Parents need to know that “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” is an action/adventure game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a remake of the 1993 Game Boy game of the same name. The game has a cute cartoon presentation and some mild fantasy combat that sees Link using a sword, arrows, and bombs against cartoonish fantasy creatures such as giant spiders and skeletons. There’s no blood, gore, or graphic content. Link’s a traditional hero, helping those in need, using his wits to solve puzzles, and defending himself from aggressive monsters. Figuring out what to do next can be a bit tricky in some areas, but kids may take away the lesson that perseverance pays off, and learn to approach problems as fun puzzles to be solved. The dungeon maker missions could inspire creativity and an interest in game design. Players can also use amiibo that are sold separately to unlock additional content.

Parents need to know that “NHL 20” is a hockey simulation game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As you might expect from a hockey simulation, gameplay can be mildly violent at times, such as body-checking someone or engaging in a fistfight on the ice (just like the real sport). No blood or gore is shown during these brawls. Players will also see a lot of ads for products like Gatorade, Tim Hortons, and others posted on arenas, on players, and even on the ice. Players will also have the option to pay real money to purchase players, gear, and other items for the Hockey Ultimate Team mode.

Parents need to know that “Wargroove” is a turn-based, fantasy strategy game with a Japanese animation aesthetic available for download on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows PCs. It contains a multiplayer mode that can be played locally or online (players are randomly matched with opponents or can search friends with a friend code) and offers voice chat through popular online voice chat service, Discord. Discord users are automatically connected to the online “Wargroove” community, which means they could be exposed to profanity, inappropriate conversations, and bullying. Built in tools let players create and share their own maps and mini-movies online; to do the latter, players must agree to the game’s EULA (End User License Agreement) which states that while developer Chucklefish is dedicated to protecting kids from exposure to content deemed obscene, racist, or bullying, user-created content isn’t monitored by the company. While players use swords, catapults, and other weapons to destroy opponents, the pixel art of the game eliminates the possibility of blood and gore being shown, and defeated enemies simply vanish from view.

Parents need to know that “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order” is an action/adventure game available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Players take on the roles of various icons from the vast stable of heroes and villains of the Marvel Comics universe, teaming up to defeat a cosmic threat to all of reality. The game’s roster features a widely diverse cast of positive characters with a range of different powers, abilities, and personalities, all putting differences aside and working together for the sake of a greater purpose. Comic book style combat is constant, with lots of flashy and spectacular visual effects, but little to no blood or graphic violence. Some of the characters’ costumes can be a bit revealing and suggestive, like their comic book counterparts. Extra downloadable content, including additional characters, costumes, and story content will also be available for purchase for the game via a Season Pass add-on.

GenCon is the premiere convention for board games in the country. Taking place this weekend in Indianapolis, many companies release their newest games at the event. What are the hottest games for 2019?

Parents need to know that “Dragon Quest Builders 2” is a creative building experience for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is a sequel to 2016’s “Dragon Quest Builders,” and has a focus on building wrapped within an old-fashioned Japanese role-playing game. The player’s customizable avatar takes on quests — such as building a house or sowing a field with seeds — from non-player characters, then goes out into the world to gather resources and fight monsters using magic and melee weapons. Combat’s mild and viewed from a raised perspective, with monsters disappearing quickly after being defeated. Strong themes of friendship, community, and providing help to those who need it run throughout the story, with subplots showing how people — including villains — can change for the better if they embrace the right ideas. Players also get to exercise their imaginations and be creative as they freely build not just what other characters have requested, but anything they like by crafting the elements they need and assembling them according to their whims.

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