A new Milwaukee food tour caters to those who delight in spirits — both the sippable and the haunted kinds.

Stopping at multiple restaurants and bars for delectable treats and spooky tales, the “Ghosts and Spirits Tour” is a three-hour bus ride through the Third Ward, the Brady Street area and the Fifth Ward in Milwaukee.

“The thing that ties each of them together is we’re visiting restaurants with haunted locations,” said Theresa Nemetz, owner of Milwaukee Food Tours, which also offers walking tours of different neighborhoods in the city, focusing on the various ethnic cuisines of the area.

For the ghoulish tour, cuisine- and drink-wise, everything from a celebrity’s “last meal” to traditional Halloween delicacies will be available. Participants are encouraged to wear costumes for the tour, which features a diverse selection of heavy appetizers and cocktails for adult trick-or-treaters. Spots are available for Friday, Oct. 22, and Oct. 29 and 30; the Saturday, Oct. 23, tour is sold out. Tickets cost $70 per person.

Stops at four locations are planned for the event. At Shaker’s Cigar Bar and Restaurant in the Fifth Ward, foodies will enjoy Julia Child’s last meal — French onion soup, natch — with pumpkin martinis.

The restaurant is rumored to be haunted by a little girl named Elizabeth who fell out of a tree when she was a child, Nemetz said. In the women’s restroom at Shaker’s, people have reported seeing a pair of little feet appear in the adjoining stalls; in the restaurant’s basement, employees have experienced unusual changes in temperature.

Partygoers will also stop at an Irish pub in the Third Ward for a traditional Irish Halloween drink called Lamb’s Wool, a seasonal mix of apple cider and beer.

And in the Brady Street area, two stops are planned: one at a Mexican restaurant to learn about Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and another at Trocadero, where Bloody Marys, among other treats, will be served.

During a previous tour visit to the allegedly haunted Trocadero, spirits seemed to make their presence known.

“We were there last weekend and we were telling everyone the stories,” Nemetz said. “All of a sudden one of the (beer) taps fell off completely randomly.

“Everyone jumped and started screaming.”

None of the spooks are faked or planned, she said: “We’ve told the restaurants specifically, ‘Don’t do anything goofy.’”

This is the first year Milwaukee Food Tours has offered a Halloween tour, and interest in the tours has been very positive, she said.

So much so that other food and holiday tours are in the works.

“We’ve had such a big success with this one, we’re going to do a Christmas bakery tour.”



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