Probably better known for its hibachi, where chefs cook meals right at the table, Ginza of Tokyo also offers sushi at a bargain price early in the evening.

The entire regular sushi menu doesn’t qualify for the early-bird deal, but there’s still a nice variety of specialty rolls, regular rolls and sashimi offered. The rolls are all substantial in size, especially the special rolls that are finished off with a generous topping of fish.

The Godzilla roll ($6.75) is one of the most popular, featuring tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and spicy mayo on the inside. The tempura crunch on the outside perfectly complemented the smooth avocado and cream cheese. Paired with a little ginger and wasabi, it was the ideal mix of sweet and spicy flavors.

For those who want to sample a couple of rolls, another option is ordering two of the regular rolls for a meal under $7.70. This option still offers a lot to choose from, with everything from the standard California roll to an Alaskan roll with smoked salmon and avocado. Ginza’s take on the spicy tuna roll ($3.75) included a mix of chopped raw tuna with a slightly spicy sauce. The roll wasn’t overly spicy, and there was plenty of tuna inside.

Ordering sushi can be intimidating for newbies and for those venturing beyond their go-to sushi stop. Ginza of Tokyo proves its credibility with its standout bargain sashimi. For those unfamiliar with the dish, the fish sits atop a small piece of rice, so the quality and flavor are exposed.

For a fresh look and flavor, try the shiro-maguro ($1.90), also known as white tuna. While it comes as only one piece per order, the fish appears to be of high quality. The white tuna, often a challenge to find, has a very clean, almost citrus-like flavor.

For regular sushi consumers with an insatiable appetite for the fish, Ginza of Tokyo won’t break the bank. And for those just trying sushi, it should be easy to experiment without throwing down too much cash. The restaurant’s impeccable service was a bonus.