Brasserie V

Brasserie V will need a lot more of its specialty Belgian beer glasses when it doubles in size and capacity. Construction starts next week, and the restaurant's owners hope to have the addition open in January.

Addition planned for Brasserie V

Brasserie V, 1923 Monroe St., is doubling its space and capacity by expanding next door into 1921 Monroe St., a space that used to be a bridal shop.

The restaurant’s capacity will increase from 46 to 99, said Matt Van Nest, who opened the restaurant with his wife, Andrea, in August 2007.

Construction is expected to start in the next week. The Van Nests hope to have the new addition open by mid-January.

The new room will have a similar look to the current space. “We kind of wanted to keep that intimacy,” Van Nest said about the addition. The biggest difference is that the new side has a black-and-white tile floor that is approximately 50 or 60 years old, which they are going to keep intact, Van Nest said. “It’s very brasserie-like.”

The L-shaped bar will become U-shaped as it goes around to the other side. There will be about seven more tables and some extra window-counter seating on the new side, he said.

Almost from day one, Brasserie V has enjoyed big crowds and there are waits, particularly on weekends, for a table.

The extra space will also give people an area to wait more comfortably than “squished in the front window,” Van Nest said.

“I know some people kind of like that in a way, because when places are crowded and busy the energy’s good,” he said. “But some people really don’t like that. It turns people off and makes them not want to come back as often.”

The menu will stay pretty much the same, but with a few new items, Van Nest said. They are sticking to beer and wine and not adding cocktails or mixed drinks. The addition will add 10 taps for a total of 24.

Van Nest said that with the extra space they plan to do more beer and wine tastings.

Mad Sconnie places 14th in Vegas burger competition

AJ Bombers’ Mad Sconnie burger ranked 14th out of 30 competitors Nov. 2 in the World Burger Championships in Las Vegas.

“We had a really great time,” said co-owner Joe Sorge. “It was our first competition of this size and scope and there was a lot to take in. Competing at that level is a very intense, focused day.”

AJ Bombers, 201 W. Gorham St., had its customers come up with the hometown burger. The Sconnie is a grass-fed beef patty from Black Earth Meats blended with Berkshire bacon and served on spicy cheese bread from Stella’s Bakery. It also has lettuce, tomato, the restaurant’s trademark fried pickles, and a special sauce.

“We were very proud to come home representing the 14th best burger in the world,” Sorge said.

Admiralty Dining Room to close for reconstruction

The last night for the Edgewater Hotel’s Admiralty Dining Room will be Saturday. The dining room will also be open next Sunday for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Nothing special is planned, said the restaurant’s manager Hasan Ozdenir.

Ground breaking for the $98 million hotel redevelopment was originally scheduled for Oct. 26, to coincide with the UW-Madison’s homecoming weekend, but it has been postponed, Ozdenir said.


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