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A new series of murals with the broad theme of social justice will be unveiled on Saturday, Feb. 2, in the basement of The Crossing at 1127 University Ave.

Artist Jerry Butler created the work for the Central Library “Angels and Demons” show in less than a year. Butler wanted to show the “angels” who’d supported him — mostly women, like his late sister Ronnie and his Aunt Wilma who died in a car accident when she was in her 20s — and the demons…

At 71, Jerry Butler has entered one of the most prolific seasons of his long artistic career. He makes work in his west side studio for eight hours every day, layering colorful paper and black and white photographs with acrylic paint to create striking collage portraits.

The Madison Municipal Building reopened to the public on Saturday and featured work by more than a dozen artists, including painters Pranav Sood and Katherine Rosing, photographers Tom Jones, Craig Wilson and Zane Williams, muralist Pete Hodapp and sculptor Aris Georgiades. 

When staff at the Chazen Museum of Art began to install the museum’s latest exhibition – titled “Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home” – the subject was feeling particularly timely.

In the first few minutes of the new play “Infamous Mothers,” a character describes how she rose above the many challenges that life put before her: poverty, abuse, unexpected pregnancy, self-doubt.