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Don't skimp on protecting the 2020 elections

Wisconsin State Journal editorial board

Editorial: Don't skimp on protecting the 2020 elections Read more

Madison is No. 1 in this week's contest

Phil Hands | Wisconsin State Journal

Fill in the caption with a clever quip by Wednesday and win publication of your line with the cartoon in next Sunday’s newspaper. You’ll al… Read more

Apollo 11 trio lifts spirits -- State Journal editorial from 50 years ago

This State Journal editorial ran on Aug. 15, 1969: Sometimes an expression of thanks is superfluous. Read more

Trade war and coming recession are 'Made in the USA,' in John Darkow's latest political cartoon

Adam Garber And Nancy Cowles: Recalled goods lurk in day care centers

The history of recalled children’s products is long and tragic. Read more

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Lawmakers must do something about guns -- Gene Bier

The Second Amendment was written to allow citizens to possess guns to protect them from an attempt by the government to limit the rights gi… Read more

Guns make shootings uniquely American -- Kevin Kuzdas

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune does not have a clue about what is going on in America. His Aug. 10 column, "The dead of El Paso and Dayto… Read more

Democrats failed in 2016 process -- Joseph T. Leone

The editorial by Bloomberg News in the Aug. 14 State Journal stated, “One task of [political] parties is to screen presidential contenders … Read more

Open borders will destroy nation -- Dave Glomp

Here we go again. We have immigration laws that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is trying to enforce nationwide. Meanwhile, … Read more