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Ariel Procaccia: To beat gerrymandering, do the math

Gerrymandering is one of those topics that makes U.S. Supreme Court justices squirm. The problem is that the Constitution gives elected law… Read more

Gail Bailey: Prevent the horror of losing your college student

I appreciated the State Journal’s front-page article May 18, “No campus requirements: Most of System doesn’t know if its students are vulne… Read more

Marc Thiessen: Americans don't want Congress to impeach, but Democrats aren't listening

WASHINGTON — The American people are sending a pretty clear message to Washington: They are sick and tired of the investigations into Presi… Read more

New York Newsday: Iran saber-rattling is dangerous

Bluster by both sides increases the risks of a terrible military conflict breaking out Read more

S.E. Cupp: Elizabeth Warren, the Dems' punishment candidate, sounds like Trump

Punishment and revenge are big motivators for the current president of the United States. It’s one of the things many of us lament the most… Read more


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Driving through Madison in spring is a joy -- Dorothy and Warren Rebholz

Last week we had the pleasure of driving through residential neighborhoods in on Madison's West Side and Shorewood Hills. Read more

GOP wants to control women's bodies -- Naomi Rouse-Kugel

The war against women is being renewed by Republicans in America -- and not just women of child-bearing age and ability who may need an abo… Read more

Trade spat with China is unnecessary -- John Morgan

The United States stepped on China's toes, and China reciprocated. Each one claimed it would stop when the other one stopped. Then they tra… Read more

We are lucky to have President Trump -- Russ Niesen

Matt Batzel's May 18 column, "Trump is great for Wisconsin and the Republican Party," was right on the money in its response to the State J… Read more