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Surfside Beach, S.C. gets hit with its fifth rainstorm in one day

On-and-off rainstorms left residents of Surfside Beach, South Carolina, wary on Aug. 17, as they tried to predict when the next bout of rai… Read more

Disastrous flooding results in one dead

On Saturday, Aug. 17, torrential downpours assaulted Istanbul, Turkey, resulting in deadly flooding. Multiple buildings in the historic Gra… Read more

WisEye Morning Minute: Birth Control Access Bill

On August 16, WisconsinEye Senior Producer Steve Walters and Editor JR Ross discussed a Republican led bill to increase acc… Read more

Storm grows in size right before your eyes

A storm that brewed over Lockport, New York, on Aug. 16 was recorded as it grew to an incredible size. This time-lapse shows just how impre… Read more

Building storms encroach on Colorado

On August 16, Reed Timmer spotted massive storm clouds near Limon, Colorado. Widespread rain would hit the state later in the day. Read more

Incredible views and incredible weather at the Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs, Colorado, is home to the beautiful Garden of the Gods, a 1,300 acre public park known for its incredible sandstone format… Read more

"The One with the Lottery"

"The One with the Birth Mother"

I thought rainbows showed up after the storm, not during them

On Aug. 15 a rainbow was spotted shining over Millheim, Pennsylvania, even though thunder was still roaring. Read more

"The One in Vegas"


Nurse Practitioner opening near Madison

Growing primary care practice an hour north of Madison, WI has an immediate opening for a Nurse Practitioner. Read more