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Get all the news and results from tonight's Wisconsin primary here

Follow the latest news and results from Wisconsin's primary election in real time through this live blog collecting the most credible posts from social media and other sources. Read more

Wisconsin governor's race reaches critical turning point

The Democratic nominee will soon be known and Republicans are predicting a close race. Read more

Election 2018: What you need to know before voting in Tuesday's primary

Wisconsin voters on Tuesday will decide which Democrat opposes Republican Gov. Scott Walker in November, and which Republican faces Democra… Read more


Nurse Practitioner opening near Madison

Growing primary care practice an hour north of Madison, WI has an immediate opening for a Nurse Practitioner. Read more

Racine woman allegedly embezzled more than $775K from father's law firm

Kathleen A. Fetek is charged with defrauding “individuals, charitable organizations and other beneficiaries of estates being administered by her father’s law firm,” according to the indictment filed Tuesday. Read more

Racine boy, 14, in critical condition after being shot, police say

No one is in custody in the incident, which remains under investigation, the new release stated. Read more

Waterford woman gets jail, probation for locking grandchild in dog kennel

Racine County Circuit Court Judge Mark Nielsen called Gail D. LaLonde's actions a “massive lapse of judgment.” Read more

Ex-Mayville police chief Ryan Vossekuil formally demands jury trial in civil suit by former officer

Ryan Vossekuil, who left the Mayville job last month to become chief in Jackson, filed the request for a 12-person jury in court on Friday. He is being sued by Mark Forster, a former officer with the Mayville department, who claims that Vossekuil broke a confidentiality agreement he signed with the city when his employment ended. Forster is also suing the city itself and its insurer, EMC. Read more

Man shot in cocaine grab from gyros shop sentenced to five years in prison

Jesse Beadles, who was shot after trying to steal cocaine from a dealer at an East Side gyros shop, was sentenced Tuesday to five years in federal prison. Read more

Reedsburg man convicted of sexually assaulting 2 children in plea deal

Troy M. Allen, 48, pleaded guilty to felony charges of repeated sexual assault of a child and first-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 13. He will be sentenced Oct. 15. Read more

Photos: Move-In Move-Out Day in Madison

The annual Move-In Move-out was held Tuesday August 14, in Madison, Wisconsin. Read more

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