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Plain Talk: Simpson Street student journalists are digging deeper

A recent Free Press story raised concerns about the transparency of a joint city of Madison, Dane County and Madison School District committee known as MOST — Madison Out of School Time. It questions whether it's a violation of the state's open meetings law for the committee to not give notice of its meetings or make notes from meetings available to the public. Read more

Maggie Di Sanza: The menstrual crisis facing our education system

Despite preaching inclusion and representation, our education system is lacking in accessibility to all sorts of opportunities and materials. This concept is no different when it comes to providing free and easy to access menstrual products.  Read more

Cartoons of the Week

Enjoy these recent editorial cartoons! Read more

John Nichols: With Mandela Barnes, Tony Evers can beat Scott Walker

Linking a 66-year-old statewide elected official who has roots in rural Wisconsin (Plymouth) with a 31-year-old community organizer who has roots in the African-American neighborhoods of the state’s great urban center is smart politics. Read more

Marty Finnegan: Voters want real solutions, not name-calling and political pablum from 1st District candidates

The candidates in the 1st Congressional District should acknowledge that current House rules make it nearly impossible for any individual congressperson to get any bill to committee or the floor for debate and a vote. They should pledge to work to change this dysfunctional situation. Read more



The finest destination for exceptional sleep in your Southern Wisconsin home

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Reverse mortgages: Too good to be true?

Important information residents of Southern Wisconsin need to know before they decide.

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