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Rep. Melissa Sargent: It's time for Wisconsin to fully legalize marijuana

The legalization of cannabis in Wisconsin will bring much needed criminal justice reform, medicinal relief and economic boon to our state. Read more

Editorial: Madison schools need to get serious about school safety

The response to the report of a rape at East High was slow and insufficient. We need a top-to-bottom commitment to ensure that public schools will be safe spaces. Read more

Plain Talk: It's time for lawmakers to make heavy trucks pay their fair share for roads

Longtime Milwaukee columnist and editor Bruce Murphy asked a provocative question the other day: Are Wisconsin Republicans scared of the tr… Read more

Tom Frazier: SeniorCare program is a model for bipartisanship

While SeniorCare ought to be a model for the federal government in how to reduce the price of prescription drugs, it is certainly a model of how to plan and implement government programs on a bipartisan basis. Read more

Spencer Black: Passage of public lands law a rare win in Washington

These days, a column about environmental policy in Washington is usually grim. Well, here’s a pleasant surprise — a good news column. Last … Read more



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