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Plain Talk: Republicans fume over union folks, but not corporate kingpins

Republicans questioned firefighters union leader Mahlon Mitchell's pay raise, but they skip the scrutiny when it comes to multimillionaires and corporate giants. Read more

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Republicans are playing with fire in the states

The backlash to President Trump and the steady rightward journey of the Republican Party could sharply shift the distribution of political power in state capitols across the nation in this fall's elections. Read more

John Nichols: This is a time for honest political leaders to defend freedom of the press

There must be a reassertion of an understanding of journalism as a check and balance on power. This pushback must come from Republicans and Democrats as well as journalists. Read more

Paul Fanlund: The Tony Evers-Scott Walker race jumps right to the ‘scorched earth’ phase

The Republican Party’s campaign against Evers began minutes after he won the Democratic primary, and voters should expect to see plenty more through November given Walker’s slim record of accomplishments to tout. Read more

Alys Brooks: Pride Parade brouhaha shows need to listen to queer people of color

Many of us don't understand the depth of the concern over interacting with police that exists for people of color, particularly if they are also queer or trans. Read more



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