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John Nichols: Scott Walker ends on a miserably pathetic note

On Friday Scott Walker rejected the voters and the state's tradition of political cooperation with the stroke of a pen when he signed the lame-duck bills. Read more

Patricia Randolph's Madravenspeak: Wisconsin predator-killing contests: Killing for the thrill of killing

Predator-killing contests are held all over the country, including Wisconsin. The contests go on for days and hundreds of wildlife are killed to win prizes like guns and cash. Those who kill the most wildlife — the biggest, the fastest — win. Read more

Sen. Jennifer Shilling: Republicans need a lesson in sportsmanship

While Gov. Walker had an opportunity to show true leadership by accepting his defeat and vetoing the GOP's lame-duck bills, he continued his legacy of division and signed them into law. Read more

Neil Kraus: Meaningful campus-community connections require some difficult, yet obvious, questions

The conversation about higher education has been one-sided for too long, as we obsess over what it can do for the business community. UW leaders should ask some obvious, yet uncomfortable, questions of those most responsible for our economy — business and governmental leaders — about what they can do for our graduates and communities. Read more

Editorial: Bill Kraus, voice for civility, was one of state's best

Bill Kraus, who died Friday at 92, was a Republican in the mold of the late Govs. Warren P. Knowles and Lee S. Dreyfus, but had friends across the political spectrum. Read more


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