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Ron Malzer: The Highwomen blaze a feminist country trail

The Sept. 6 release of the eponymously titled “The Highwomen” comes with lofty aims. Read more

Plain Talk: Will Fitzgerald's and Tiffany's anti-democratic actions be rewarded?

Paul Krugman's column in the New York Times earlier this week was blunt. Republicans don't believe in democracy, he said. Read more

Paul Fanlund: Does health care seem like the only Democratic presidential issue?

The party’s excessive arguing over health care policy distracts from what the real focus should be: Donald Trump. Read more

Four Wisconsin doctors: Lawmakers should oppose 'assisted suicide' legislation

Wisconsin legislators should reject any public policy that legalizes suicide and instead focus on offering better palliative care and resources for patients at the end of life. Read more

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Striking workers remind us that they saved GM

The struggle for employment, pay and benefits in the auto industry is where the rubber meets the road in our too often very abstract discussion of the challenges facing American wage earners in an economy undergoing rapid transformation. The battle at GM is a fight that unions and workers cannot afford to lose. Read more

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