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Jonah Goldberg: How an enduring myth about voter turnout distorts our politics


I have long opposed making voting mandatory, an idea that pops up every few years. I still don’t like the idea. But it’s become more attrac… Read more


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Conservative zealotry is hobbling the pandemic response. It will cost lives

Amid the spread of the most contagious coronavirus variant yet, major decisions by conservative politicians and judges at the federal and s… Read more


Hands on Wisconsin: Natural immunity won't be enough for Aaron Rodgers


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers needs more than natural immunity to defeat the 49ers in the latest cartoon from Phil Hands.  Read more


Dallas Morning News: What we can learn from the synagogue terror attack

We see everywhere the belittlement and dehumanization of others; we should stop Read more


Marsy's Law is working, but crime victims need more resources -- Veronica Figueroa-Velez and Dana Pellebon

Wisconsin residents on April 7, 2020, overwhelmingly approved Marsy’s Law, a constitutional amendment for crime victims. An impressive 75% … Read more


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Give the COVID vaccine a shot -- Skip Kraiss

I would like to make a plea to those who have not yet gotten a COVID-19 vaccine to reconsider. Read more

Packers backers deserve fair maps -- Terry Winscher

Our Green Bay Packers are the No. 1 seed for the NFC playoffs. Nonetheless, when they face the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday evening, the… Read more

Guns will worsen bus driver shortage -- Barbara Schultz

State Republicans want to relax the regulations against firearms in vehicles on school grounds and state Rep. Shae Sortwell, R-Two Rivers, … Read more

Act 10 protest was no insurrection -- Judy Pincus

I assume Friday's letter to the editor "What about assault on state Capitol?" is based on some Fox News coverage of the Act 10 demonstratio… Read more

Lawmakers should play fair like kids -- Carole Mason

Imagine third-graders are on the playground playing football. Each kid is contributing as a team player. They know the rules. The playgroun… Read more