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Holding pattern: Mental health care is a ‘pressing need’ in the Dane County Jail

Best practices for housing people in jail have outpaced Dane County facilities, which lack versatile programming space and housing units designed for medical and mental health needs. Read more

The concussion question: Youth football faces challenges to maintain safe play

Those involved in the entry level of the game continue to hold hope that children aren’t being directly exposed to long-term health issues. Read more

The concussion question: NCAA concussion, head trauma messaging remains work in progress

The NCAA and other athletic associations face a massive challenge: How to convey newly discovered information on head trauma in a way that ultimately changes the ingrained behavior of players and teams. Read more

The concussion question: Ex-UW players find unconventional methods for improving brain health

Tony Megna, who developed his expertise after head trauma caused him to leave UW’s football program in 2009, is one of multiple former Badgers football players to seek unconventional treatments for brain health after retiring.  Read more

The concussion question: Head trauma alarms many former UW football players

Concussions and head trauma have affected multiple generations of UW players. Many of them joined lawsuits against the NFL over this issue, and at least half a dozen cut their UW careers short due to head injuries this decade. Read more

'Where will we go?' Kajsiab House, Hmong mental health program, closes after 18 years

After 18 years, the healing program for the local Hmong community is closing on Sept. 28 due to a funding problem. Read more


Interactive map: Soglin votes in Democratic primary for governor

'As an industry we've evolved': The new face of the American carnival

The people employed at carnivals are not the stereotypical carnival worker that one would have seen 15 years ago. "As an industry we've evolved. Why would I ask you to bring your kids where I don't want my kids?" Read more