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Capital W: Conservative group leading the charge of the white brigade on colorblindness

There was a time when anti-racism meant colorblindness. But the times… well, Bob said it best. Enter the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, which is becoming to colorblindness what the Freedom From Religion Foundation is to atheism. In two cases this week, WILL has challenged attempts to give a leg up to minorities, whose health, wealth, housing, education and criminal justice outcomes continue to lag white outcomes. Liberals have embraced the new version of anti-racism that seeks to close gaps by giving advantages to minorities. A new poll out this week suggests Wisconsin's largely white public disagrees. It all leaves both sides screaming…

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SSM Health no longer using race-based criteria for COVID-19 treatment

SSM Health announced Friday it is no longer using race as a determining factor for COVID-19 treatments — guidance that was challenged this week by a conservative law firm, which claimed the use of such criteria is discriminatory.