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Richard Berg: I'm a Republican, and I'm voting for Joe Biden

Dear Editor: As a former chairman of the Republican Party of Dane County, I might be forgiven for committing what some might consider to be… Read more


State Debate: Racine paper slams lack of Biden probe; Blogger insists Trump's anti-science will cost him

A daily roundup of interesting newspaper editorials and blog posts from around Madison and Wisconsin. Read more

Jim Weiss: Trump has compromised our national security

Dear Editor: What color is red? A rather mundane question, you might think. What color represents Communism? What color represents Republic… Read more

Biden is the manly presidential pick -- George Wen

It is manly to be a loving father, to admit you’re wrong, to apologize when mistaken. It is manly to behave with integrity and honesty, to … Read more

'Peanuts' may cost Apple costumers -- Sharon Beyer

I would like to echo the sentiments of the author of the letter to the editor last Sunday, "Apple is holding 'Peanuts' hostage." Read more

Oscar Mireles: This collective crisis requires collective action

Dear Editor: Today I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I wish it made me feel good about the future, but I am afraid for us — my famil… Read more


Larry Levine: Dropping political labels would fuel open dialogue about health policies

A society that does not look out for its neighbors across the nation is going to pay the bill — a much larger bill — in the long run. Read more


The Wall Street Journal: Coping with the COVID winter shouldn't be as bad as Biden says

Death rates have fallen sharply amid better care and treatments, despite higher caseload Read more


Rep. Jimmy Anderson: Vote for Joe Biden to make America good again

In this election, being a good man is enough. In fact, it is more than enough. Read more


Sharyn Stumpf: I’m Catholic, I’m pro-life, and I’m voting for Joe Biden

Despite anti-abortion rhetoric, Trump’s actions reveal a reckless disregard for life. Read more


Los Angeles Times: Want to see what election fraud looks like? Look at Belarus

Belarus president, 'the last dictator in Europe,'

must go with pressure from US and others Read more


Margaret Krome: COVID-19 lays bare parties' priorities

Never in my lifetime has a public emergency so clearly demonstrated which party looks facts in the eye, plans accordingly, and makes difficult but necessary decisions. Read more


Plain Talk: If Wisconsin's Legislature were a business, Republicans would've already been fired

The only way this unfair and unaccountable grip on Wisconsin's state government will change is if the people decide enough is enough, safe gerrymandered districts or not. Read more


Jonah Goldberg: GOP disdain for big cities is a losing strategy

“God bless real Michigan. God bless real America. God bless the greatest president in our lifetime, Donald Trump,” Ted Nugent recently decl… Read more